Friday, February 29, 2008

Stay-At-Home Mom...Week 1

Well, I made it through my first week as a stay-at-home mom. We'll call it SAHM. To be snazzy. You see, Monday morning, I was called for my weekly conference call at 9am sharp. Only it wasn't the team on the other line, but the president of my company. He had news that was "as hard for him to say as it was for me to hear". That's a laugh. In an attempt to finally run the company completely into the ground, he laid off the ENTIRE sales team. Let's sales sales. Am I missing something here? If someone can explain it...please do. Immediately we canceled child care, so I've been home for a week playing mommy. I have to admit, it hasn't sucked. My kids are sweet as can be. But I like to have a job. The blackberry is silent and it's kind of creepy. I'm on the job hunt - be sure to include me in your prayers that God will place me in the perfect position.

This is the first time I've ever stayed home. I've worked from home for 6 years, but not with kids around. It's different. I thought I'd share with you some things I've learned this week. Then I have to go take a shower. Yes, it's 4pm. What?? So I haven't gotten my groove yet. It will happen!!!

Observation #1 -
I wondered how to know when it was time to change my toddler from his pj's to day clothes. 10am, 11am? Answer? When he sticks his hand down the toilet...that's when.

Observation #2 -
Bill Rancic from The Apprentice season 1 is a total sell-out. He's on some lame iVillage cry fest on NBC and I swear I heard today "stay tuned for today's contest...guess that pilates pose." I'm not lying. Sellout.

Observation #3 -
I miss my blackberry. I mean, it's still here, but there's no email buzzing in.

Observation #4 -
The Doodlebops have some sort of magical power over childern. We've never watched the Doodlebops because I am TOTALLY creeped out by them. As "open minded" as I've become, these folks are just too *woo hoo* for me. But they came on today and I was on a call with a potential employer. The power they had over my child was too hard to explain with words.

So there you go. Good thing I love my kids. They've made the transition fun.

Have a good weekend!

Guys, if your woman is a SAHM, give her some props tonight.


Bezner said...

You should make your new job writing posts about SHAM world. This one had me giggling from start to finish. Bummer about the job. Wacky. Unfortunately for you, all of my sales connections are in a small, East Texas town. And as funny as the baby link from the previous post was, this one was better.

Tracy said...

Hilarious! All these pearls of wisdom will probably come in handy in your future position! (I'm sure you'll find a way to put them to good use!)

What kind of sales are you in?

Anonymous said...

hi i need help on getting away from home for a couple of days to like go oin to a care hime things arnt working out at home right and i need to get away please help me dont think im a liltle girl messing about i realy want you to help x