Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday is the New Tuesday

You may have caught my rant on why Tuesday has turned its back on me a few weeks ago. This past Tuesday was no different, but that's a whole other story. Aside from watching Jackie get booted from Biggest Loser, Tuesday was still, well...Tuesday. Poor Tuesday.

Now, it's all about Thursday!

Thursday has always been good to me. Back in the day, it was Cosby, Cheers and LA Law. When TV Joe and I were first married, and he wasn't so skinny and healthy, Thursdays meant good pizza and a night of Friends, Seinfeld and ER. Before this hideous strike, Thursdays were filled with competing, excellent television and thanks to the DVR, we never have to miss a thing. We love My Name Is Earl, Scrubs and The Office. I love 30 Rock (TV Joe can't stand Alec Baldwin so he refuses to watch). I love Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy is "appointment television" (
Chuckism). Then came the strike. The dark, glooming strike. Yes I feel sorry for the people who are basically living off food stamps now because they haven't been paid in months due to no production. But I also feel sorry for ME! Yes, ME! I work hard all day, it's a fight to get kids to bed and I want to mindlessly watch while someone entertains me from 8:00 pm on. And as much as I love American's not the same laughing at 'roided-up freaks as it is laughing at well written comedy.

Last week, everything changed. ABC and NBC held some goodness back and it's rolling out now!

Last week, we got the return of Lost. If you are not watching...shame on you. But aside from the premiere of Lost last week, we were dished Eli Stone. Did you watch Eli Stone? I LOVED it! But I love quirky, well written television. And, I love George Michael. Don't tease me, you know you sing along to "Faith" whenever you hear it. Jonny Lee Miller is so talented. This role was made for him. His dumbfounded, confused looks are priceless. Did you know he was once married to Angelina Jolie? I guess before Billy Bob Thornton? Girl's got skills. Anyway... The great Victor Garber is Eli's boss, and soon to be his father in law. I loved Alias so much. VG was so good as Jack Bristow aka spydaddy. Sigh...I wish I was Jennifer Garner.

(For those keeping score at home, clearly I did not give up ADD for Lent. I'm still random as ever. Yesterday's clarity was clearly a "God thing".)


I encourage you to check out this show. And if you missed last week, you can watch it on

We'll also be recording Lipstick Jungle. I was not too impressed with Cashmere Mafia, and I hear they are pretty much identical twins. We'll see. Happy tubing! And check back tomorrow - I'm making dinner tonight and I might just have some "food p--n" to post. If I'm not Jennifer Garner, can I be Ina Garten? Could they be any more opposite?? See...there's that ADD again. Night night!

ps - Janna are you impressed with my word linky things?


Bezner said...

I loved Alias, too. And I miss it dearly. I think Joy was jealous of my love for the show.

We're really into Lost right now, but didn't watch Eli. Maybe I can pick that up on the flipside.

But Lipstick Jungle? Are you kidding me? The show is gonna stink. I can feel it.

Janna & Derrick said...

I am SO impressed with your word linky things! Way to go!
I guess you will be ashamed of me because I don't watch any of those shows you say I should (head bowed in shame nodding from side to side...)...
How was your week?

Janna & Derrick said...

I can't wait to see your cookie post...cause you gonna do one right? Take ownership of those cookies girl! "No, Preston! MOMMY made those delicious from scatch cookie marvels you are devouring! Now give Mom some creds, son!"