Friday, February 15, 2008

Bergen is 18 Months Old!

Happy 18 Month Birthday Biggie B!

I would take your picture today and post it, but you are so sick with bronchitis (!!!) so I will spare you. Poor baby. 101.9 temp, runny nose and coughing. Who wants to babysit?? Kidding, only kidding. I have not left his side today, or that's actually flipped. He has not left my side. Let's just say it's been a very Wiggle-y day.

Bergen, in honor of you, here's list of some of your words. If I missed any, I'll add more later.

mommy, dada, bubba, Pressy (Preston), Nana, Grandaddy (ran dada), Mimi, Grandad, cereal, water (wawa), dog, cat, moo, light, night night, shoes, socks, airplane, shower (showah), bath, yea, hi, bye, cookie, made a mess, I'm done, all through, no, no-no, movie, please (psss), thank you (tay too), bed, bottle, milk, outside, swing, uh-oh, Elmo, baby, Mickey Mouse (me mouw), hotdog, Greg, Anthony, Jeff, Murray, Wiggles, one, two, I love you (i ov ou), amen

We love you Bergen!

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Janna & Derrick said...

Made a mess! Awww!
I hope Biggie B feels better. :)