Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Seriously? Tuesday - what's your beef with me? Can we get a stinkin' break here?

What did this Tuesday bring me? TV Joe has the flu. Please pray that he doesn't share the germs. None of us got that nasty flu shot this year. Don't lecture me. There's way too much bad press on the flu shot.

We covet your prayers. Biggie B does not need the flu after his fight with RSV last year. Thankfully Mimi is keeping him overnight tonight so I can sanitize the house.

Tuesday... I need to find a way to make you love me again...


Anonymous said...

Got your answer for Tuesday -- Jericho, CBS at 9pm. Check it out if you didn't watch last year!

BTW...don't try to get any Tamiflu at our neighborhood pharmacy. Just bought them out to take care of Aubrey and make sure we don't get it. Yuck!

Janna & Derrick said...

The flu? Ew! I hope he feels better!

P.S. I don't think raw chicken is offensive. It is an important image to provide when documenting food prep like a true food porn journalist? Speaking of...where's my oatmeal chocolate chip post?