Thursday, March 6, 2008

See? We get snow!

Under all that snow are my pansies. We are getting a Texas-sized blizzare right now. Normally, this would thrill me, but I have 2 sick kids and my throat is on fire. Good times. I'm watching the news. The non-stop news, that is. They are breaking in on Oprah. Women all over the metroplex are pissed. Every shot has kids getting out of school without coats on, wearing shorts. I love Texas. Don't worry will be 80 degrees next week.


Bezner said...

OK, I'm not sure why, but when you mentioned the scads of angry Oprah watchers I cackled. That was pure hilarity! And then you top it off with snide comments regarding the, you're on a roll tonight! Don't ever go back to work. Just keep blogging for my personal entertainment!

Janna & Derrick said...

I am with Bezner. Seriously, you crack me up. Hahah!
I hear ya on the sick front to. I coughed myself to sleep with a sticky strawberry lozenge hanging half way out my mouth.
Being sick sucks.
Can I say sucks on your blog? Preston doesn't read this, does he?

Janna said...

You are grounded. Where is my blogging friend?