Saturday, February 16, 2008

Preston Rocked the House Today!

As I've posted before, Preston is playing basketball in the city league this year. He's on the Lakers. He's really good at stealing, guarding, passing and rebounding. He's never taken a shot. He played last year...never took a shot. It's scary to take a shot. I think he was just nervous about missing. Plus there are some really good kids on his team. If he gets the ball, he usually tosses it to them.

Today, I did not get to go. Bergen is still pretty sick. As Preston left for the game, I told him to shoot the ball today. No matter what. And it did not matter if he made it or missed it.

20 minutes in to his game I got a text message from TV Joe. Preston shot the ball, missed, got the rebound, shot again and MADE IT!!! Yea! I cried thinking of how proud he must have been. I wish I could have been there. TV Joe said the crowd went nuts. We've all been waiting for this day!

When he got home, I told Preston this was a life-changing day. He crossed the line from support player to scoring player. The smile on his face was amazing.

Go Preston! We are so proud of you!


Bezner said...

This is really awesome, because Ben made another basked this Saturday. Maybe our children are now plotting their takeover of the NBA as we speak. Or something.

Janna & Derrick said...

I AM SO PROUD OF P DIDDY! That is awesome! GOoooooo Preston!

serenity said...

Hey - thanks for your awesome compliment. I'm really glad you enjoyed some of my posts. And thank you so much for commenting and telling me so!

Tracy said...

I found your blog through Serenity's and read through a few entries. How fun! And what adorable little boys!