Thursday, December 1, 2011

You've been RACK'd! December 1st edition

Have you heard of  It's a virtual bulletin board where you can not only organize your recipes, craft/decorating/style ideas - but you can spend hours (upon hours...upon hours) looking at other's pins as well.  Friends, strangers, come one - come all.

I have found lots of great recipes and ideas on Pinterest.  My favorite right now is a list of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACKs).  This lady posted about doing random acts of Christmas during the season of advent to help us remember, it's about giving, not receiving.  And you know, random acts tend to roll forward, and hopefully form a snowball of kindness during this wonderful, stressful season.

Tonight the little Turkey needed some dinner, and upon hearing his older brother had Sonic during a playdate, he decided he needed some too!  Perfect opportunity for a RACK!  So I order his kids meal, and asked if there were any open orders that I could pay for.  He said no.  Great.  So I did the next best thing.  I taped a piece of paper around a 5 dollar bill and attached it to the speaker.  I hope it stays there for someone to enjoy.

I hope the start of your advent season started out well.  I have to admit, the devil has been working on me today.  My stress has been through the roof, and leaving this little 5 dollar bill really made me feel a little better.  It helps to stop being so self-centered and grab on to some perspective.  I'm really wanting to make this Christmas season more about Jesus and loving on others and less about stuff and things.

Merry Christmas!  We only get 25 days in December for Christmas.  Make them special!

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Megan said...

Oh I love this! What a great way to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. I would love to know who picked that $5 bill up and what happened next! I heard a story about someone in the line at Starbucks paying it forward and how it continued down the drive thru line for over 20 cars.

Sorry to hear that you had a day, but glad to hear that you are focusing on what matters. Perspective is key, isn't it? It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day that we don't see the good stuff all around. You are such a shining light to so many, and I am blessed to know you. Thanks for being such a friend to me this year. You have really been a bright spot in my day and have been such a support and comfort to me. I can't wait for that sushi or salsa.