Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RACK'd - December 13th Edition - Sometimes it's better not to know

Hope y'all are having a great start to the week.  I shoveled out my office yesterday in preparation for Christmas guests.  It was so bad.  I have about 500 expired catalogs from work - boxes stacked high.  General chaos in no organized fashion.  I put everything up, dusted, cleaned the floors and even decorated the mantle.  Been here 8 years, first time to decorate this mantle for Christmas.

We overslept this morning.  By an hour.  We woke up about 2 minutes before the bus came.  Poor Preston.  He was so upset.  He just doesn't understand what's so hard about waking up on time.  Sweet child - did not see the 3 loads of laundry and dishes I did after I put him to bed at 9pm.  Someday he'll get it.  And...I will likely be there to say "told ya so!!!".  I'm kind like that.

So we rushed to get breakfast and loaded in the car for the school.  Man, there is nothing like missing the bus that really makes you appreciate the bus!  With 2 minutes to spare (poor kid will need therapy!), Bergen and I made our way to Starbucks.  I feel I earned it this morning.

Oh good - a RACKing opportunity!

I love paying for the car behind me at Starbucks!  I do it periodically all year long.  So fun.  But I have to admit, the selfish side of me really wants to see their face when they get their free coffee.  I want to hug them and say "oh, it's my pleasure!"  But then it would not be a random act of kindness.  It would be Amy trying to get a pat on the back.  And that's not what RACKs are all about.

So I order my venti Pikes with room for cream and a box of chocolate milk for the turkey in the backseat.

Let me veer off subject real quick to tell you that I'm totally hooked on Coconut milk creamer.  I don't like my coffee sweet.  Half & half has loads of points - I was using 2 - 3 points a day on creamer.  So I switched to coconut creamer.  Love it.  And when I want a little sweet in it, I load it with coconut creamer, then put a little splash of flavored creamer.  So good.  Just don't drink the last sip - there's some sort of residue that I don't want to address - kind of gritty.  I think it's best I don't know what it is.

So I get my coffee and chocolate milk and tell the cashier I want to pay for the car behind me.  "Cool - that's so nice.  Would you like a receipt?"  I tell him "no, but how much was her coffee?"


I'm not going to mention the price of her order, because it's not like she ordered a lobster, but let's just say, this might have been a group order.  Ding dong.  Don't ever ask the total, or it might just spoil your heart for a moment.   It's just best not to know.

Hope your day is great - do something kind today!!

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