Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - My own worst enemy

Ok, so that didn't go as I planned.  I thought of something every day, but really never sat down to write it.  I'm so thankful for GRACE that saves me from my procrastination!!  I am really my own worst enemy when it comes to goals and assignments.  But, I'm not going to harbor on it.  I was totally in the Thanksgiving mood and mindset, even though I didn't write it down every single day.  But for those keeping up at home, here is the remainder of my list.

5. Warm house full of love
6. Plenty of food on our table and in the pantry
7. DVD player in the car - to keep my sanity on hard days
8. Owning my own business - and those who helped me set it up
9. Joe’s great job
10. Amazing Friends who lift me up and keep me grounded
11. Freedom to worship - not everyone has this.  It's a gift!
12. Wonderful extended family and visit at Thanksgiving
13. Swimming in November - so fun for the kids
14. Target
15. My 80% off Fall Décor at Hobby Lobby - it's so pretty I don't want to take it down!
16. Pepperoni Pizza, with black olives - my death row meal
17. Red Wine - for the heart...hee hee
18. Modern medicine
19. Clean water
 20. Our Babysitter Raychel - she's amazing!
21.  Bergen’s school and teacher
22.  Preston’s teacher
23.  Sephora - the mothership
24.  My Awesome Book Club and the ladies who challenge me each meeting
25.  Facebook
26.  XM Radio
27.  Coffee - with cream only - Coconut milk cream, to be exact
28.  Shellac Nail Polish - love
29.  Today - because no one is promised tomorrow
30.  Jesus, who died on the cross to save me from my sins

I'm afraid to admit, I have big things planned for the advent season.  I hope I don't procrastinate too much.  Check back to see if I follow through!
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving season!

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Anonymous said...

i am thankful for you and joe. love you