Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Season of Thanksgiving - Day One

Ive been missing my blog lately. Sometimes in the rush of life, the blog can be a burden. Kind of the same reason I don't scrapbook - the pressure of it weighs me down. I can't simply sit down and type something out. I feel like it needs to be funny, have lots of pictures and be super satisfying. So I just don't do it. Some would call this lazy. And when I say "some" - I mean me. So I'm going to make a better effort, and what better time than my favorite month - November.

I love November so very much. Because it's my birthday month, it's the season of Thanksgiving and a way to prepare ourselves for the holiday season. Like most moms out there, I long for a perfect holiday season - stress free, illness free - totally happy, total bliss. But that doesn't always happen. Ok, that never happens. At least not in our minds, it doesn't. But it doesn't mean it's not perfect for the family. I told my mom one particularly stressful Christmas "I wish it was 1984 again and life could be simple for me". She started laughing - apparently 1984 was a very, very hard year for them, and she had felt Christmas had been a letdown. I remember it as pretty awesome. That really goes to show that kids really don't see the "perfect". They just remember getting together as a family, keeping traditions - even when it's hard to keep them, and celebrating our Lord's birth.

This November I'm focusing on the things I'm most thankful for - one per day, and really in no particular order. Some will be grand, some will probably be downright silly. But maybe if I enter December in a spirit of thankfulness, I will be easier to embrace the true meaning of Christmas instead of striving for my mind's perfection. After all, it's not really about the perfect tree and the right Christmas music, keeping the house clean at all times, baking thousands of treats and having the perfect presents under the tree. It's about the birth of a baby - Jesus - who loves me enough to save me from my sins. And I'm going to focus on Thanksgiving, and not just skip ahead to Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving is like the middle child between Halloween and Christmas. I love Thanksgiving so much!

So today - November 1st - I start my list. Today I'm thankful for my amazing family. I have pretty much the most awesome husband on the planet. He works very hard to provide for us, and plays just as hard to make a fun, crazy life for us. He's ridiculously good at his job, and really well known in his industry. After all, he is the "wizard of the web"! We laugh a lot and we have a great time. He loves me more than I often deserve. I'm truly blessed to be married to an amazing man and an incredible father to our boys. I'm so thankful for our kids. They are anything but ordinary. P-Diddy is so smart and gifted, but he's also the most caring child I know. He stands up for his friends and makes sure everyone feels loved. He can carry on a conversation about anything with anyone - many adults have told me talking to P is like talking to an adult. He knows so much about his true passions - baseball and football. He's loving, honest and faithful - and he knows his awesomeness "comes from above" - his words. He's also a great brother to Biggie B (most of the time!!). Now Biggie B is in a class of his own. You won't meet a happier boy - pure joy oozing from his very pores. He truly embraces life and lives to the fullest. He's so very funny and like P, also very kind. His teacher counts on him to be a leader and he always helps her out. He's a momma's boy who loves to snuggle and I thank God every time I hear the words "snuggle with me mommy". Bliss! He's very smart and loves board games and puzzles. He's also really, really good at t-ball. They are both healthy and happy - along with Joe. And for that, I'm thankful. The rest is just gravy.


Stasia Bandy said...

Well, I know what I'll be keeping up with now each day in November....
All you said, Amy, is so very true. And, you do have a wonderful family that our family loves very much and enjoys, too! We are thankful that our families' lives crossed and that we get to participate in life with you all. (even though it seems like it hasn't been much, lately!)
I love your writing.

Megan said...

Yea! I love it when you post! I think it's great that you are focusing on thankfulness this month, and I think you are right about it spilling over into the Christmas season. I love what you wrote about Joe and the boys. It made me smile, you have a great crew Amy! Can't wait to see you - I am so thankful for your friendship!