Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TV Joe

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet husband, TV Joe.

I love you more than life - you are the rock in this family. I'm amazed by you daily.

And you are closer to 40 than me. ha ha

We went to TV's aunt and uncle's house Sunday for his birthday dinner. While eating homemade chicken enchiladas, Aunt J told us she found an old VCR tape with TV Joe playing football, circa 1982 or so. She also found a tape of Joe's mom's 40th birthday party (we call her Mimi). Sweet little Preston said "40? WOW!" to which Mimi said, "that's only 3 years older than your dad!" And TV Joe's face turned 3 shades of white, one for each year until you reach 40. We's gettin' old baby!

Thank you for taking such good care of us and loving me when it's easy and when it's not so easy.

We love you!
Ed, P-Ditty and Biggie B


Janna said...

Happy Birthday to that sweet and sassy Joe! We love him!

J, D and B

Bezner said...

You rock, Joe.