Monday, January 12, 2009


I have a new hobby! Couponing. Yes, you read correctly - couponing is now a hobby. It's like a little game to many women out there. There are books and websites dedicated to the practice of couponing. There are pay-for websites and free websites that compile in-store specials matched with Sunday coupons, telling you where to go for the best deal. I've done a little researching on these website lists and have not yet decided if I want to pay monthly for a list. There are ladies who save literally 50-60% off their grocery bills with these services!

Last week was my first dive into paring and matching stores and savings. I went to the CVS with a few coupons and a very detailed list. I've lost my receipt (or it's in the car), so I can't remember what I spent, but I know I saved about $25. That's exciting stuff! I bought myself a little coupon caddy thingy and made some labels and got to organizing! I put my Entertainment Book in the car and made a vow to check it before entering a store or restaurant. You see, we went bowling over the holiday, and there was a stinkin' 50% off coupon in that Entertainment Book. So now I'm clippin' and cuttin' and saving these coupons.

Yesterday I got my Sunday paper and started the clipping process. I planned suppers for the week, made my list and away I went to the Kroger because Kroger doubles coupons up to $.50 and they triple coupons up to $.35. After a quick trip BACK home to get my purse that I left at home (yeah, don't let all this planning and couponing fool you - it's still me!!) I made my ways through the aisles of the Kroger. My 1st observation was this store didn't suck like I expected. I've become a bit of a grocery store snob - I prefer Central Market or Market Street. But they don't double coupons, so too bad for them. Back to the Kroger. It didn't suck. Now the produce left a bit to be desired, but it IS January and most produce departments are kinda gross right now. The apples were pretty, so I'll take that. The store was laid out nicely and I really had no problem finding things.

I had my coupons and watched for in-store specials. I also had my back-stash of coupons - things we didn't really need this week - just in case there was a wicked in-store deal that I couldn't pass up.

I made my way to the checkout with a mess load of groceries. I applied for the Kroger card and gave the dude my coupons and waited anxiously for my results. I spent $237.70 on groceries, had $29.33 in manufacturer coupons, $25.85 in Kroger card savings for a grand total of $55.18 saved!! I paid $182.52. That's about 23%!! I know that bill seems a bit high, but I got pull-ups ($20) and some other health and beauty products that make the bill a bit higher. Things that I don't have to buy every week.

I was proud of my savings and I know I can do even better if I subscribe to one of these lists. Being frugal is fun!


SpiveyTales said...

Oh my and me both! I spent yesterday clipping and today reading up on some blogs & sites. I'll let you know if I have any success!! Congrats on a great first buy...we'll see how I do!

Tracy said...

I am absolutely terrible at couponing. Even if I go through and cut them all out, I never remember to actually use them. I am in awe of your organizational skills.

Janna said...

I have started couponing too. I have a kroger card and went the other night to pick up ingredients for dinner. D wanted broiled steaks. They had a killer deal on Filets and I got 2 nicely sized steaks for $12. HI! Love me some Kroger!

Claire Gentzel said...

I love shopping at Kroger and always challenge myself to save at least 15% off my total bill. It's kinda fun! You'll have to send me some of those links to coupon websites, ok!