Thursday, January 15, 2009

Get Over It!

I got a new car. Well, new to me anyway. We are a leasing kind of family. We had 2 cars leased for 3 years, and within a month of each other, we turned in my Expedition and bought Joe's leased SUV. My Expedition went to auction right before Christmas. (btw...there's a pretty cool story about that...maybe later) It had bucket back seats and a DVD player. It was nice. Lots of room.

So now I am driving a later model, really nice German SUV. It was Joe's for 3 years and he took amazing care of it - so it's basically new. He leased a 2 door Japanese speedy something or other. They are both nice cars, and I am not has been challenging getting use to the smallness of my new ride. Let's be honest here. It's not an SUV. It's an SAV - "sports activity vehicle". There's not nearly the room I'm accustomed to. But we've adjusted nicely. I just can't use this car as a second closet or toy chest.

But...there' I know! I'm a horrible mother. I now make my children listen to the radio or actually talk to me in the car. I'm expecting a call from CPS at any moment.

Every morning now we listen to the radio. It's morning DJ time and they are all trying desperately to entertain us and make us laugh. This morning they were doing a bit called "Get over it" where people call in and say things like "I know my voice mail is full - get over it". Or "Nickelback rules - get over it". That one almost made me wreck my car. Nickelback...ugh. What a beating. in the middle of the calls, they played that Eagles song "Get Over It". So I'm listening, laughing, trying not to wreck my car over people's horrible taste in lumberjack music. I hear the little Bergen bear voice from the back singing and dancing "get over it get over it". Hahahalarious! All the way into daycare - "get over it get over it".

Still waiting on that call from CPS.

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Janna said...

You're blogging again! Hurray!
Bergie is so cute! Awe!