Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm just logging for logging's sake...since I don't scrapbook or write anything down, I have to put it here.

Joe's birthday was Monday and we've been eating on Nothing Bundt Cake Chocolate Chocolate Chip all week. I'm convinced this will be served in heaven.

The kids ate early on Wednesday because they played so hard at the gym and came home hungry. I made them Spiderman macaroni and cheese and green beans. (*note -this will likely not be served in heaven). They kept asking for cake and I kept saying "wait for daddy". This happened about 85 times in 30 minutes.

Daddy finally got home, opened the door hoping for the usual greeting of both kids running to the door to hug him. Instead, P-Ditty ran to the door and Bergen yelled (loudly...if you know him, you know how loud!!) "HI DADDY!" then looked at me -

"I WANT CAKE NOW!!" So funny!


Tracy said...

Children are definitely not afraid to express their priorities, are they??!!!!

Kim Stagliano said...

I LOVE Bundt cakes = what's the recipe. Looks good! Not even Spidey can compete with cake!

Stalingo's favorite cake is a chocolate pistachio Bundt.

Happy Birthday TV Joe!