Thursday, January 3, 2008

One More Thing for Tonight (or 3, actually!)


So my boss lives in Connecticut. He's really the best boss on the planet. I'm very lucky. I read his wife's blog everyday. You can too - look to the's Kim Stagliano. She's incredibly smart, witty, well written...everything I am not!!! While I was busy blogging about perfume, she was writing about the price of oil. I read her blog and thought, "I wonder how much oil is suppose to cost?" Sad. I love to post on her blog - I feel like we're cyber buddies. I had nothing to say because I'm so un-informed. If it's not on the first 30 minutes of Good Morning America, I don't hear about it. Wait, I do read E!Online and Perez Hilton. Yikes. So... New Year's Resolution #1 - Become More Informed. There you have it.

If you need to find me or TV Joe in 25 years, you might look here.

According to Preston, he is going to drive us around with his wife and 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) in an RV. He only wanted 2 boys, but promised to have a girl, just for me. And I'm going to take care of his kids, because I'll be the Mimi. We are going to Paris, New York and Disneyland. So keep this in mind should you keep us on your Christmas list.
And here is Preston with his creation. He did this with no instructions. It even has a Christmas Tree inside.


Biggie B has reached a crucial milestone for a toddler. He can now use the Sit 'n Spin.

See that dizzy look on his face? Gotta love the Sit 'n Spin.

Peace out...


Janna & Derrick said...

First- "How much is oil supposed to cost?" is a really great question. Exactly what is that number? I have no clue.
This morning D and I were talking about the Obama and Huckabee winning in Iowa. I actually admitted outloud that I have NO CLUE (with the exception of the afformentioned and a select few others like Hilary and Giuliani) who might be attempting to run our country. I have got to get on the ball. Being more informed is a great resolution! I am blog lifting it from you and adding it to my list.

Second- I wonder if there are any "Beginner Architect" programs you could get for Preston. He's got skills.

Third and Last- HOW CUTE IS THAT DIZZY FACE! Awwww!

Stephanie Go. said...

Amy-This is so cute! I love it! Hopefully we will see you guys soon! We go to Homecoming, and Matthew says…I wonder if Joe and Amy are here? We look and look…again…I wonder if Joe and Amy are here? Me to Matthew…I don’t know Matthew!! Did you call and see if they were even coming?...Well, no. Enough said. Love the blog…it gets kind of addictive! One of these days I am going to put links on my page... I just haven't yet!

Bezner said...

You thought you could create a blog and keep it secret, didn't you? Well, you're wrong!!!!

P.S. We love the Force around our casa, too!