Sunday, January 20, 2008

Catch Up

Wow - 2008 is FLYING by. We have been very, very busy. I've spent a week in Atlanta and a week at the Dallas market. Life at our casa has been crazy. I feel like I need a life coach because I have zero scene control lately. But honestly, do I ever really have control of my scene. Yeah, no. So here's a rundown of what's gone on the last 3 weeks.

Event #1 - Preston's 1st Basketball Game


Preston is playing basketball - this is his 2nd season. This year he is on the Lakers. He's #4. Last year, he was on the Mavericks and his team was full of circus freaks. And when I say circus freaks, I mean 5 year olds that could hit 3 point shots. Preston could barely dribble or shot at all. We've been practicing all year. So this year, he's on the Lakers and these 6 year olds are all fairly normal. None can shoot a 3-pt, but they can all hit the basket, dribble and run. Preston fits in just fine.

We lost our first game to the Celtics, but that's ok, because we got donuts and Capri Sun after the game. Put a donut in a 6 year old's hand, and he forgets all about a loss!

Bergen takes down a donut!

After the game - donut still in his chubby little hand! This is a sweet picture because normally, Bergen does not want Preston touching him.

Event #2 - Preston and TV Joe Went Skiing!

While I went to Atlanta, Preston and TV Joe headed to Breckenridge to put Preston in ski school and learn to ski. Preston was so excited - not only did he get to fly on an airplane, but he also got to spend some valuable time with his daddy all alone, which is wonderful. Preston went to ski school to learn some basic skills, then went up the mountain with TV Joe on Day 2. I think day 2 was a little tough for everyone involved, but they survived! We are going again this spring, so this was just a trial run.

Preston on the magic carpet

Preston skiing on the bunny slopes.

Check out the tongue - that's a grandaddy trait.

Preston in his long johns after a long day of skiing.

Event #3 - Master Bathroom Painting

We've been in this house for 4 years and counting. All 4 years, we've hated our master bath. It was yellow. We had this yellow in our old house and loved it. It looked horrible in this house. The problem is, the bath has so many angles and so much molding that neither one of us wanted to paint it ourselves. We found a guy who did it for practically nothing and nailed it out in 4 hours. Beautiful! So the first pictures are of the yellow.

Bergen models the yellow paint.

Paint choices

The next pictures are of the green paint. It's kind of sage green. Thanks to Janna for picking out the paint color. Janna rocks! She's so talented!!


Bezner said...

I guess we could all use a little more scene control, eh?

Nice paint choice. Ben is in his second year of basketball. He didn't take a shot until last week. He didn't make it in, but I was glad that he at least tried.

Janna & Derrick said...

The paint looks AWESOME!!
Yay! I really think you should keep that picture of Preston in the long johns saved away for black mail when he is in high school. SO CUTE! His future girlfriends will think it's adorable. Hee hee!

I hope life is a little more normal this week for you!

Stephanie Go. said...

Love the pictures! Preston and Bergen are so cute! I need to copy that paint looks great! Have a great week!