Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dealing with Storms

Massive tornadoes tore up our city yesterday - 15 is the "unofficial count".  15 is too many.

I have some serious storm anxiety, dating back to when I was only 4.  I carry very few true memories from preschool, but one day has stayed with me my whole life.  I can play it out in my head moment by moment.  We had massive tornadoes that day, and my mom came early to get me at preschool, and then to my brother's school to grab him.  We arrived at his school, and it was pouring rain.  Like in buckets.  She said to me, "we need to run for it, okay?".  And then we prayed for safety.  Once we were inside, we were put in the teacher's lounge where they put the couch over us - like made a triangle and we crawled inside.  Sirens going off and all.  The principal told us we could not stay there, so we went to my brother's classroom, where I got under a desk with him.  Seriously, I can play this out like it was yesterday.

I have storm anxiety, and yesterday was no exception.  I ate about 100 pounds of Robin Eggs, prayed, paced and watched the radar like a crazy woman.  Both kids were at school and I was freaking out.  Thankfully, the storms passed with few injuries and no fatalities.  I find it a true miracle since these storms were tossing around 40 foot containers and 18 wheelers like Tonka toys.   I saw a picture of an 18 wheeler flattened like a pancake!  Many have major, major damage and lost lots of stuff, but stuff can be replaced.  We are praising God today for protecting the people of our city.

Once I had both kids and came down from my sugar high, I told my oldest I was sorry he had to be at school during the storm.  I asked him if he was scared.  He said, "No, I was fine.  I told my teacher that in the Bible it says if we all pray together, miracles can happen.  So the whole class prayed for our safety.   I prayed 3 times!"

Ah, sweet words that I must blog and never forget.  I love that kid.  I pray he always has that strong faith.  Lord, help me to foster his growth and strengthen his faith.

And today, the sun shines.

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Megan said...

Oh my sweetness, I can only imagine the smile on the Lord's face when he said that and the class prayed. Miracles indeed.