Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Really Should Be Journaling

Hello world.  It's been a long time.  A looong time.  I'm easily distracted - it's a fact.  I log on to my blog every day to pop over to the blogs I love to read, but I rarely (ok, never) actually blog.

We are in Crested Butte, CO this week with our best friends.  3 families - 6 kids.  It's completely awesome.  This is our 3rd spring break to have the pleasure of coming to Crested Butte.  We are blessed to have friends who love us enough to invite us to stay in their family home.   Blessed. 

But, I can't tell you how many conversations have started out with "when did we (insert event name)?  Was it last year?  Two years ago?  I really need to journal!"  Seriously this has happened about 25 times in 3 days.  I have this cool blog with *six* whole subscribers.  And if I don't try to keep the bar too high, it really only takes about 5 minutes to knock out a day's events. 

I really should journal our days.  They are quite humorous, and when we wonder when something happened, we'll have it here to remember.

So to catch up on Spring Break.  Sweet mercy it's gorgeous here.  The mountains are breathtaking.  I honestly don't know how one could question the existence of God when staring at the Rocky Mountains. 

Our Gorgeous View
 We arrived on a loaded down flight on Monday.  I was so thankful for the rainy weekend to get ready for this trip.  If you think I'm a distracted blogger, you should see my laundry room.  I'm too easily distracted to do laundry.  I had to wash literally every piece of clothing we own.  It was bad.  So bad that I think it might have snapped me out of my laundry distraction phase.  I could have really enjoyed my weekend if I had not been chained to the washing machine.

But I digress...

We arrived Monday in Gunnison, and made our way to Crested Butte.  The dads and kids got fitted for skis.  I don't ski.  I want to ski, but it's a whip.  I have not skied in 5 years after a horrible lesson with a very mean instructor.  I did, however, catch up on some HGTV.  Did you know Candy Spelling sold The Manor?  We watched as she unloaded that enormous house full of hundreds of Madame Alexander dolls, Beanie Babies, furniture, art and other assorted junk.  She had this huge storage facility full of her junk, but they had it all logged in a huge binder so she knows what is in each box, complete with pictures of each item.  Unbelievable.    She has so much junk.  She's renovating a 16000 sq ft condo on the top of a high rise in LA.  She's calling it the Manor in the Sky. 

And our lives are much fuller for knowing this.

On Tuesday the dads and kids headed to the mountain for a little ski school.  B is still too little to really enjoy skiing.  He cried a little and wanted to go home. 

Biggie B at Ski School
 P and his buddy mastered their level in no time and hit the mountain.  Meanwhile, the moms drove out to Gunnison to pick up family #3 from the airport and get some groceries for the week.  We stopped for lunch and I had quite possibly the world's greatest hot ham and swiss with just enough mayo to make it a little vulgar.  And a cup of Savannah bisque - which was a sweet potato base.  Sweet mercy.    For dinner, TV Joe grilled some steak and we had a 5 star meal for dinner - the kids demolished 6 ribeyes.  The mountains make you hungry!

Dinner for six - ribeyes, potatoes and green beans
Wednesday came with more ski school for the little kids, and mountain time for the dads and big boys.  They have gotten so good at skiing, which is cool because I didn't learn to ski until I was 16.  The earlier you learn, the less scared you are, I think.  After watching Biggie B ski at ski school, I headed over to this fantastic rooftop bar to soak up some sun and watch the skiers in action.  Everyone had a blast.  We have a sweet babysitter in Crested Butte, who came to watch the kids while we went to dinner.  It was an awesome time of deep conversation, lots of laughing and planning for our adult-only trip to the Caribbean.  That can't get here soon enough. 

So here's to journaling.  At least we'll remember these two days! 

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Megan said...

I love to know what is happening up to in the mountains with so many of my favorite people! Not skiing sounds great to me and I am glad you are getting caught up on trash tv. The food, friendship and killer views just sounds dreamy! Have a great time and tell everybody happy spring break from me!