Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where my posts at?

Oh man, I'm one lazy blogger. I'm so sorry to the 2 people who read this. What a slacker baby I've become. I've got to get with it so you won't miss a minute of my all-so-interesting life. haha

So the decision has to be made - do I try to catch up? Or do I just start from here. I mean, we've had:


Bergen Craziness

Open House and Living Wax Museum featuring Preston as Thomas Edison
dig that grey hair!!

and more Bergen craziness

Start of Baseball

kid pitch ain't for sissys

Busy 1st quarter. Lots going on. I'll try to not be a stranger. I have to remember, this is my scrapbook (since I'm not a crafty gal). Gotta get these memories down!


Cruson Crew said...

YAAAAY! You're back!!

Megan said...

Yay! Just start in and don't leave us hanging so long! I for one am in Mauritius and have nothing better to do than wait for you to post something! Love those sweet faces!