Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Donut Races

Preston has quite possibly the *coolest* 3rd grade teacher on the planet. I wish I could be in her class! Preston loves her so much - she really caters to kid's learning needs and she makes it super F-U-N!

All year they've been working on math skills. Preston is quite the multiplication wiz, and he's getting better on the division. They take timed tests every day. There are kids in his class that can do 100 math problems in a minute.

One fun tool she uses is the donut race. 4 contestants go up to the chalkboard and race at multiplication facts.
There is a donut shape with the numbers 1-12 randomly placed in the donut. The teacher calls out the middle number (in green), and contestants race to get the product of the middle number by the numbers in the donut (in black) and write them on the outside of the donut (shown in red). When you finish the race, you knell down. Whoever finishes first and correctly wins. Then...and this is critical or you don't get the winning tell your competitors "good game". Winners get a donut, losers get a donut hole.

These kids are super fast and decided to challenge the parents. So TV Joe decided to participate, and I went to take pictures...since my mad math skillz are nillz. Naturally I got suckered into racing and made a F-O-O-L of myself since they wouldn't let me use my calculator. The 12's get me every time!!

Here are a few pics from the fun. The kids had eye black on and were singing "We're Gonna Protect this House" when we walked in. Little gangstas. It was a tight race, but the parents won in the end. But, since we live in the land of skinny people, none of the parents would eat their donuts (um, except TV Joe who NEVAH passes on a donut) - the kids all got donuts. It was so fun, and the kids learned if you don't know your mad math skillz, well, you can always go into sales...

Coolest teacher ever!

Little Gangsta

Preston racing his dad and our neighbor racing his daughter

Parents Rule!


Cruson Crew said...

I almost just held Hallie back so she could be in there again! FUN STUFF! They will ALWAYS remember this year, trust me!! Riley is going into High School and still writes about Mrs. S in her papers!! Now, I need a donut! :)

Megan said...

Woah - two posts in one week? Holy blogger batman! Love that he has a cool teacher!

Steve Bezner said...

Skipping a donut is tantamount to treason.

Which reminds me: Is Lent over yet?