Thursday, March 4, 2010

Drop the Anchor

Tuesday was election day in our state - as I'm sure it was around the country. But I only pay attention to what happens in Texas. HA - only kidding...kinda.

Bergen happened to stay home with me that day when he woke up and announced he "didn't feel bery well". I think this was a hoax to get some time alone without Preston. Oh well - life is short, play hard.

Back to elections -

I was going to haul Bergen up to vote and we talked about it all morning. Then I thought I would take Preston too and have a little lesson in civic duty. And I just prayed it wouldn't backfire on me.

We got Preston from the pickup line at school and Bergen immediately says "Pweston we going to boat". Preston said "what?" and Bergen followed with "we going to get on a boat".

I said "no Bergen we are going to VOTE, not boat". Oh, okay.

Two seconds later - "we going to get on a boat?"


Another 2 seconds- "we going to get on a boat?"


This happened the entire way to the voting place - about 2 minutes of "we going to get on a boat?". Which was about 487 times...but I lost count early.

We pulled into the sign-filled drive of the Lutheran church and parked the car. I had my standard "now y'all are going to be good in there, right?"

We got out of the car and Bergen started yelling "where's da boat? where's da boat?" Needless to say he was extremely disappointed. And is still asking about a boat.

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