Friday, October 30, 2009

Thank you MLB

It's Drug Free Week in our local school district. Just say NO!

Every day the kids were something theme related - Monday was PJ's, Tuesday was Camo, Wednesday was dress like a nerd, Thursday was Jersey day. Today is wear all red. Because red is the drug free color.

So I load up Preston for school in red track pants, black shirt and red sweatshirt. On the way to school, I ask him "why are you wearing red today?" Here's how it went down:

Mom: "Why are you wearing red today? What does it stand for?"

Preston: "Texas Tech"

M: "yes, but what else?"

P: "just say no to drugs"

M: "Right! Drugs are really bad, they ruin your life. You can't get a good job or have a full life if you are on drugs. We don't need drugs to feel good. If you do drugs, you'll get kicked off the team. They are just really bad for you. You can't play sports if you are using drugs."

P: "But Manny Ramirez uses drugs and he plays for the Dodgers"

Silence... What do you say to that? Seriously...what do you say?

So I say "he's a creep".

What? I didn't know what to say! So then I took the opportunity to tell him about Josh Hamilton and how he got addicted to drugs and was kicked out of baseball and almost lost his family, but then he let Jesus start running his life and now he's on top of the world. Preston does love Josh Hamilton.

I'm so sick that there are so many horrible examples in professional sports. My kid watches any game that's on. He watches Sports Center. He loves sports, and he loves certain athletes. It's just heart breaking when we try to teach our kids the right thing, and there's so many others telling him the wrong thing.


Welcome to the chaos! said...

Hello there Amy! It's Kathy Cox - I was reading Steve B's blog and saw your name - kids are adorable and you and Joe look great too. I have a blog too - although I am still becoming trained in keeping it up and really believing anyone cares. Ha! I caved under the pressure from my sisters-in-law and their desire to see what is always up with the "heathens" that run amongst Kevin and I and we call children. You can see them at

Welcome to the chaos! said...

Ok that's it - we are all getting together - I am planning it - It is ridiculous that we haven't - you are so right! I would just love to hug your necks!