Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Slowest Driver Rears Her *perfect* Head

You all remember the slowest driver in Colleyville, right? There was much rejoicing when I discovered that her child now goes to the middle school. Can I get a hallelujah? I'm finally rid of the 25-mile-per-hour-when-we-are-rushing-to-school-hurry-don't-get-a-tardy!!

Until today.

We live next to the gate on our street. The gate only opens for the school bus. It's wonderful because the boys can play in the street out there fairly safely. The gate opens from 7:10 until about 7:45 or longer - I have no idea how long, I'm always gone by then. So the middle school bus stops on our street, and apparently now the slowest driver brings her child to our street. Now the way I see this - if you are getting in your car to bring your child to the bus stop, shouldn't you just drive them all the way to school?

I digress...

So today this car was stopped the wrong way on the corner of my street and the major street. And she sat there for a while. A long while. Probably only 2 minutes, but it felt an eternity. I could not turn, I could not go around her. Grrrrr. But we finally made it and she turned into her neighborhood. Time to accelerate.

Right into the NEW slowest driver in Colleyville. That's right. The sweet little black Mercedes SUV is slightly faster that it's prettier sister, the black Audi SUV. This one drives 23 miles per hour down the 30mph road to school. Oh boy. I'm going to have to pray for patience on the way to school. Road rage in the carpool lane is never a good idea.

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