Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm not smart enough to link a you tube and a picture

I wanted this picture to go together with the video below, but well...let's just be glad I remembered the simple things like my phone number today, okay?? I'm getting ready for Spring Break and have a little pre-trip anxiety as we are about to haul our kids to Crested Butte...including sweet, wild and crazy Biggie B...where we are meeting 3 other families...with 4 more kids...that's 6 one house...yeah. Yee Haw

Anyway, this picture is from Bergen's first playdate with his little girlfriend Eva. Eva's momma is my lifesaver, my sounding board, my gym buddy, my drinkin' buddy...the best friend a girl could ever want. She offered to take Bergen so I could take a conference call and not worry about him screaming in the background. They were thanking God for Chick fil A...which we really should do everyday, dontcha think? The world could be going to you know what in a hand basket, but we still have the happiness of the Chicken Mini and the beautiful taste balance of the fried chicken breast and pickles!! Wash it all down with the lemonade.

They also ran to the grocery store, where they were bribed with suckers and got to ride in the car. Are these two the most adorable children in the world??? Eva looks like she's got Bergen's number. Hilarious!!

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Kim Stagliano said...

Chik-Fil-A. Sigh. I love that they don't put disgusting slimy mayo or "special sauce (mayo and relish, so creative, we call it tartar sauce in New England) on their sandwich. Just glorious pickles. Chicken, pickles, roll. Buttered I think, right? Damn, I haven't had a Chik-Fil-A since Ohio, more than 4 years ago.

Mark will be scolding you for blogging about fast soon momentarily. Ignore him. (Like I need to tell you that.)