Monday, May 18, 2009

Yes, I'm still here

It's been, um, gently pointed out that I've been MIA too long. And I have. I admit. And since the world's worst blogger called ME the world's worst blogger...I thought I'd better pop my head in to give an update. (Wendy - you are no longer the world's worst've been rockin' it lately girl!)

In a nutshell... the list below details some things that are happening around me, to me, or to my family or friends. Some are good, some are bad, some are downright horrible. And yes, some are mentioned more than once, meaning...a real time consumer.

~father-in-law's cancer
~depression - not mine, but someone close to me...but praise the Lord - it's over! Strongest woman I know!
~dirty house
~Trip to Abilene for Joe's Distinguished Young Alumni Award ceremony!
~Aunt's death
~house guests
~injury - fell and really hurt myself
~other family health issues - not mine people...I'm fine...aside from being clumsy!
~PROMOTION for TV Joe!! Yay to my little rockstar husband!
~dirty house
~trying to burn some stress at the gym


I'm still blissfully happy, mainly because anger and all around pootiness just takes too much energy. Our little family of 4 is fine...the world is just spinning quickly around us. We are blessed beyond what we deserve...roof over head and food on the table, great new promotion for TV Joe (I guess we should call him Corporate Joe now?). There's just a lot going on in my little brain. I'm so ready for summer. I am having to alter my work schedule to take care of the kids, and I'm happy to have a little time to work from home.

So, here's what I plan to tell you about in the coming days as I catch up.

~Trip to Abilene where Joe won Distinguished Young Alumni at our university
~Spring Fun
~Upcoming Vacation to San Antonio/Family Reunion to Camp Wood (you haven't lived until you've been dunked in the Nueces River)
~More Baseball - Preston made the summer league - we'll play 'til end of June

I promise not to stay away so long again. Thanks for the little nudge sweet friend. I do need to record these precious times happening around me.


Cruson Crew said...

YEA!! Glad you are back, funny girl!! I'm glad you are ok!!! :)

Honeyed Hashette said...

Yay! Glad you're back! I need to follow suit and update my blogs too. I have been a nauseous slacker!

The Aguillards said...

awww, I love you girl! I have been praying for you! You guys have so much going on and it is so time consuming - summer is just around the corner and I hope things slow down. Love you and you have redeemed yourself