Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Big Fat Greek Sunday

On Sunday, we went to the Mid-Cities Greek Food Festival with my in-laws. I swear, if I could change my heritage, I might choose Greek. Those folks know how to have a good time, and I do love me some Greek food. But after the Greek festival, we swung by the grand opening of German Deli - and there was a band, and chocolate, and gummi bears and brats. Suddenly I remember being German is pretty awesome too.

But back to the Greek festival...

There were lots of kid's activities - crafts, bounce house, petting zoo and the dreaded face painting. Every time we see face painting, Preston BEGS me to get his done. And every time, I say no. It's just nasty once he eats something, or it starts to wear off. Gross. But I was feeling rather festive, and said "hey yeah - go for it!" He chose Frankenstein (kind of ironic since that's what we use to call him when he was little - long story).

From the moment it started to dry, he started crying and screaming - "it hurts! get it off! I'll give you your dollar back just get it off!!!" So we ran to the car and started wiping it off with baby wipes. I've never seen him so relieved. I think it was kind of like a face mask feeling - tight. Poor kid.

And now he'll never ask to have his face painted again. Yes - high five!


Kim Stagliano said...

Oh the poor kid! Like a mud mask!

Hey, did you go to the Texas State Fair??? Please blog it! I so want to go just ONCE. I even watched some of the UT Oklahoma game to catch a glimpse of it. I love Fairs and that has GOT to be the grand-daddy, doesn't it??


Tracy said...

I went to a Greek Festival once and I know exactly what you mean! I LOVED IT! (Except for the seriously overweight/overaged belly dancer... at some point we should all decide our bellies are not to be seen by the naked eye anymore)