Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Still Out Here Y'all

Hello to my fans out there. There are actually more than one of you that miss me. I'm touched, really. Turns out being a SAHM is pretty demanding. Not only did we ditch the childcare, but my trusty housecleaners were also let go. I know what you are thinking. Spoiled rotten. But don't worry, I have a color-coded schedule for housekeeping. I just miss Fridays - coming home to a house that is 100% clean is really nice. Now just parts of it are clean at any given time. But that's okay.

When we last spoke, it was snowing and I had 2 sick kids and a sore throat. That sore throat turned in to strep. For those keeping score, that's 3 rounds of strep since November. One more and I get my tonsils out! Good times. Since then, Bergen got sick one more time, we had Easter celebration on Palm Sunday, we went skiing and I went on a field trip to the zoo with Preston.

Skiing was super fun. During Preston's spring break we were off to Crested Butte with our good friends and their 2 kids. Their parents own a house right near the mountain. This house was totally tricked out. I kept waiting for MTV to show up to do an episode of Cribs. We felt so lucky! Preston rocked his ski lessons. He and his buddy Jack went for 2 days. Let's just say, what Preston lacks in basketball, he makes up for on the mountain. He did so good!! Joe had a hard time keeping up with him!

On Sunday we went to ride snow mobiles. I big puffy heart snowmobiling! It's so fun and the kids had a blast. We rode to a little play area and were able to do some donuts and catch some air. Then we rode up the mountian, had a snow ball fight, made some yellow snow (but not me!) and rode back down. It was a 3-hour tour. Super fun.

Big ups to the Jeff, Ashley, Jack and Eva for letting us crash their spring break trip. They are awesome to travel with - the boys got along really well and Eva had TV Joe wrapped around her little finger.


Janna said...

Yellow snow! Haha! That's good stuff. Tanner and Haiden love to make that too. :)

Kim Stagliano said...

Rotational Clean. That's what I call it. Kind of like what the Red Queen says to Alice when she tells Alice they'll have "Jam every day. Yesterday, Tomorrow but never today." My house was clean yesterday. It will be clean tomorrow. Today? Not so much.