Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Great State Fair of Texas

The weather outside is ridiculous. And TV Joe has been working crazy hours on millions of dollars worth of budgets. He decided to take Monday off to celebrate the closing of the budgets. (Of course, he did run out the door this morning super early mumbling something about a budget meeting, but I decided not to ask.)

So we sent the kids off to school and went to the 10:25am showing of "Wall Street Part 2" (also known as "Wall Street Money Never Sleeps").

The 10:25am movie is a dying breed. Very few theaters offer this gem. It was super fun though. "Wall Street" was a classic and I thought part 2 was really good - very well acted. I'm strangely drawn to Gordon Gekko. And he was almost sympathetic in part 2. Highly recommend it.

After the movie, we grabbed the kids from school early and headed to the Great State Fair of Texas.

We had food - Fletcher's Corny Dog and Hot Buttered Corn with lots of salt

We rode rides

This is my *baby* riding a big ride. He looks so tiny in this picture. He loved it.
He's still talking about it.

After we threw down a mortgage payment on rides, we went on the great Fried Frito Pie hunt. The hunt led us to the Backyard Circus show for kids. Bergen was picked to be in the show. He was a tiger. It was pretty much the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. I was about to explode from the cuteness.

The tiger jumping through the hoop of fire

The pay for his stellar performance was a ticket for a free bottle of chocolate or strawberry milk.
He held it in his sticky little hand the rest of the day.

Until he was finally able to cash it in for his favorite drink.

Preston was able to visualize a dream

The hunt for the Fried Frito Pie ended in success. It was totally expensive, but totally good. Even food snob TV Joe liked it.

Super fun day - beautiful weather - great memories!


SpiveyTales said...

Oooh...we LOVE the fair! We're hoping to go Friday! ;) Looks like fun...AND I want to try the fried frito pie!!

Megan said...

How did I miss this??!! Thanks again for all the fair tips - we have to get there this week! Lunch was fun! Thanks again for meeting me!