Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Years

At the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, most reminiscence about the events of the past year. One of the blogs I stalk took a different look - at the end of a decade - and at the decade to come.

When I look back at the past decade - it's actually amazing to think it's only been 10 years. TV Joe and I built our family, our home - our life during the last decade.

In 2000, Joe was with the DMN. I think he was still in outside sales. He made it into the President's Club several times. Now he's a corporate big wig. He lost a significant amount of weight, developed a love for cycling and rode the Hotter than Hell 100. This decade - who knows? At his progression, I can't even begin to imagine. All I know is whatever he does, he is the best at it - passion runs deep in TV Joe. 10 years.

Preston was born in 2001. He will be 9 in July. Last decade he grew into this amazing boy. He started school, started sports and learned to ride a bike. He loves football, baseball, basketball and Legos. In this decade, he will learn to drive, have his first girlfriend, maybe have a part time job. In 10 years he will graduate from high school and go to college. 10 years.

Bergen was born in 2006. He will be 4 in August. Last decade he learned to walk and talk, dance and sing. He learned to play with toys, ride a scooter and is really close to riding his own bike! Next decade he will start school, start sports (sooner, rather than later - the boy is ready!) and develop his personality. In 10 years he will be 14. He will be in middle school. 10 years.

Last decade I had 2 babies. I left the job I started out of college. I started there as a kid. I'm surprised I didn't get fired in the first year - I thought I was so smart. But I stayed and grew - went to Europe twice, won Vendor of the Year. But I had to leave because the drive was long. The next job ended in bankruptcy (theirs, not mine) and I was laid off. It's hard to believe all that happened in just 10 years!

As a couple, we built our home in 2003. This year will make 7 years. I think I still have a few boxes in the attic I could unpack. Time marches fast. We took Preston to Disney World 3 times. We made several trips to Napa Valley and New York. We made trips to Mexico to relax and in 2005 we took a dream trip to Germany. Seriously the best trip ever. We'd love to take another trip or two to Europe. I'd like to take Bergen to Disney before he gets to old to love the magic. I want to take my boys to Washington, DC and Europe.

Last decade we made some lifelong friends. Friends that I simply could not live without. And with the invention of Facebook, we have reconnected with so many from our past. 10 years ago I thought I had lost my friends of the past - now I can find practically anyone!

The last 10 years have left us incredibly blessed. I can't wait to see what is in store for us next!


Levi's Mommy said...

Hope you have a blessed 2010! Loved reading your blog! Tell your boys "hi" from us!

K.Law said...

I loved reading this. I have been trying to find all the words to put together something like this. So neat to look back and see what all has happened.

Honeyed Hashette said...

This is a great post! I started tearing up thinking about Preston learning to drive, having a girlfriend, and going to college! Bergie is not allowed to get older. It's bad enough that he has a big boy haircut now!

Here's to another 10 years my beautiful friend!

Jubilee said...

Hey girl! I loved this idea! It was so great to see you guys the other night - let's try to get together before another decade passes! :)