Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where's Your Joy?

It's been a ca-razy week. Preston has been at fencing camp for a few hours each morning. It sounds cool, but it was a total waste of money. There's about 30 kids in the class, and I think they have 4 swords. When I ask Preston what he did at camp he says "freeze tag" and "catch the bacon". We could have done that at home for free.

In the midst of fencing camp, it's been "sassy" week for P-Ditty. He's normally a sweet boy, but is gearing up for the "sassy sevens". No one warned me about "sassy sevens", but apparently, lots of kids get this wicked virus - both boys and girls.

Tonight was especially bad. So I asked Preston, "where's your joy?"...and he said "my joy took a summer will be back when school starts...but don't even think about putting me in summer school!" I can only hope his joy will return with the first bell. Until then, I'll need to find that "sassy sauce" to cure this little virus. (sassy sauce = tobasco on the tongue)

Night night


Anonymous said...

How come they never tell us about the "sassy sevens"? I think it starts earlier than that...and lasts until...well...I'm not out of mine yet!

Janna said...

"don't even think about it" HAHA! He IS sassy! I thought only girls got sassy. How's the sassy sauce coming along?

Tracy said...

Wow! What a little thinker Preston must be! To be able to come up with a reason his joy has left, and the point in time he thinks it may be returning!!! I would guess the standard response to your question for a seven-year-old would be, "I dunno".
I think in your house, life is going to be quite colorful for years to come!!