Monday, July 14, 2008

High School Musical

Last night, we went to see High School Musical at Fair Park with some friends. Preston is a fan of the movies and TV Joe came home with some pretty great tickets, so off we went. We decided to catch a bite before the show and headed to Grimaldi's Pizza in Uptown. It's freaking awesome pizza. The boys were so excited. We sat at a table with bar stools. We let them order sugar-laden, caffeinated beverages. Which is when the Dr. Pepper jokes started. "Where does a jalapeno go when he gets sick? Dr. Pepper" That was the best one, but I will say the creative joke telling lasted about 15 minutes. Little boys are funny. After the pizza, we headed over to Fair Park for the big show. Both boys were acting like it was no big deal, for fear that they would not look cool in front of the other. But they loved it.

After getting settled in our seats, getting a little snack and a small glass of wine for the moms to suck down in order to tolerate the show, I busted out my camera to document the night. Snap, flash, done. From out of nowhere, appeared a theater attendant.

"You're going to have to delete that picture."


"There's no flash photography during the show"

"Um, it's 7:45pm...there is no show."

"And I'm going to take your camera and you can pick it up after the show. Here's your claim ticket."

"WHAT? How about I just put it up and not use it anymore?

"No, we're taking all cameras. You can pick it up after the show."

"What about all those cell phones out there? Are you taking them up?"

"If they get caught."

It was at that moment I remembered there were 2 little boys with me, watching me. I handed over the camera and muttered the words "well, rules are rules." moment captured on film. But then again, after watching the show, I'm not sure I really want a memory. The kids liked it...I thought it kinda stunk.


Bezner said...

Weird. Are they afraid you're going to post a review of the show on the Internet?

And do your boys make up jokes that are nowhere near funny and are nowhere near logical?

Tracy said...

Ooohh!! I remember so many of those moments where I had to choose to be the person I was trying to teach my girls to be rather than just letting someone have it!!! It made me laugh to read about it, because I know from experience how good it would have felt for you to just be able to throw out a few of the sarcastic zingers going through your head! But, as I keep reminding myself, the high road is a better choice in the end!!

I LOVED reading about your family joke telling session! Priceless! Their creative little minds are already forming! And if they're anything like my girls were, they can tell the same joke over and over and it just never gets old!! How fun!

Janna said...

I am cracking up. I kept waiting for you to say, "And then I took my camera by the wrist strap and whacked the attendant on the head with it."

Great story. Loved the Dr. Pepper joke. Your boys are funny.