Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One More Thing for Tonight

There is nothing on TV tonight. We don't watch American Idol. So I'm watching "Marie Antoinette" on cable. I saw this film when it was released in theaters. I thought it was really good. My friends thought it was really slow. I just wonder, was Marie Antoinette's life as decadent as portrayed in the film? Yes, the film is slow, but it's so pretty.


Janna said...

I wondered the same. Do you think they had that hot of a pink back in the day? I thought the cinematography was great in this film, but I agree with your friends....slow!

Janna said...

Are you trying to say my work ethic is lacking?
I actually prepare the post at home and then double check it in the morning before I send it. I'm not that big of a slacker.

Manic Mom said...

Well, it's a week later now. Is there anything good on TV now? Jealous that you met Kim? I was in her neck of the woods this past weekend but too short of a trip to get to meet her!!!

Amy said...

Manic - I always assumed you knew Kim. Yes, I was so excited to meet her. I've known Mark for 10 years - it was so good to meet the better half!

And no, there is nothing better on TV!