Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm Angered Today

I am angered today. Is that even a word "angered"? It is today. I have so many issues - I just don't even know where to start. I'm disappointed that I still have not heard back on a job I really want. I wish I would get a call. It's all consuming to me these days. I really want this job. I may have to go on anti-anxiety pills if this guy doesn't call me soon. I'm running out of brown paper sacks to breathe in.

I'm angered that innocent people have died due to contaminated medication from China. Really angered. My friends know I have a real issue that everything we use day-to-day is shipped in from China. Stupid things. The Juicy Juice I bought for Bergen last week has a stamp on it - "Product of China". What? Why was it necessary for the Juicy Juice people to ship freaking apple juice across the Pacific Ocean? Oh, that's right. Because big retail mega-store "W" has trained us to look for the "falling prices". But at what cost? Well, we have the Heparin contamination scandal. Dozens of people have died because the real ingredients of Heparin were just too darned expensive to use. Let's not forget the tainted dog food, toxic toothpaste and lead-filled toys. And the $2.99 a pound "fresh Atlantic salmon" that's dripping in antibiotics and waste. Why do we have to import everything? We're raising a generation of Americans who cannot make anything. Now, I'm not so angry about toys. I mean, the likelihood that a child would get lead poisoning from a toy is slim. I remember the toys we played with in the 80's were all made in Taiwan. I'm sure they were dripping in lead. But food and drugs? What the frack? The FDA never inspected the factory the heparin was made in. If we can't trust the FDA, who is our voice? Is it my doctor? While I love my doctor, there are cute phara-reps bringing him lunch twice a week. They are in sales. It's their job to convince them that their drug is the best. (disclaimer - I actually do trust my doctor)

I'm also terribly angered over this whole price of oil debacle. I took economics, I understand supply and demand. But I still get really pissed off when I fill up my tank, knowing that oil companies are showing record profits. I feel sorry for people who are skipping breakfast to pay for gas to drive to work. I'm so worried about how much worse it's going to get before it gets better. And how long will it take to get better when we are so dependent on other countries for everything?

Miley Cyrus has me angered a bit too. Well, not really Miley so much as Billy Ray and Mrs. Billy Ray. What the crap were they thinking letting their daughter take her top off for a photo shoot. She's 15. She can't make a rational judgement. She wants to be grown up. They thought the photos would be "artistic". Wow. I'm guessing they loved the pics until Disney saw them. Now they are embarrassed. I bet Disney does not let her out of their sight from now on. And Vanessa Hudgens can breathe a sigh of relief.

Whew - I feel a bit better. I guess I can drift to bed and wish hard that little pixies would come clean my house while I sleep. A girl can dream.


Bezner said...

First you get angry, then you change the world.

Tracy said...

I SOOOO agree with you about all the importing we do just to save a buck. Add to that our dependence on oil... someday we're going to wake up and realize we are way, way, way too dependent on others. We may find it's hard to be such an independent country when you're so dependent....

Janna said...

I am so glad you are back!

I am so sorry you haven't heard back from the job peeps. The right position will come about. The one you are meant to have. Patience grasshopper!

I SOOOO agree with you about all the importing. I need to make a mental note to purchase "made in America" products more often. One good stride is the green construction of buildings (Leed certification) gives points for using locally manufactured, grown, harvested,etc. products to construct buildings.

Derrick and I were talking about the oil debacle the other day and that the #1 oil company in the US had record profits this year. Really? Maybe they should skip breakfast for a change.

As for Miley Cyrus. Wow. I understand being 15 and wanting to be a grown up, but moms and dads are here to remind kids to stay kids. Her parents were present throughout the photo shoot. COME ON! Why don't you just let her pose for playboy. I don't think the photos themselves were all that scandalous had it been Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston draped half naked with a sheet, but she is still a kid.

As for the "W" store. sigh. They might be the end of this great country.

Janna said...

You should check my friend Julie's Blog. She is go over the FDA for vaccines and drugs. It's saved as the Potts family on my family blog.

Kim Stagliano said...

DallasGirl has a touch of the old New England blue states in her on this post! :)

See you later today!!!!!