Monday, June 27, 2011

Cultural Experiences

We had a lovely weekend. It was crazy busy, as we tend to over schedule ourselves. Joe traveled all last week (summer whip!!) so we were happy to see him on Friday. We went to dinner at Fuzzy's Taco Stand, and then I got a glorious hour to hit the DSW Shoes and Nordstrom Rack. Alone! Nice.

Preston had a football game at 8:00am Saturday morning (another whip), but at least it leaves the rest of the day open. We are shopping for new cars, so we hit a few dealerships, put the dream of owning a luxury vehicle out the window (soooo expensive!) and kind of narrowed it down. The total highlight was this kid at the GMC dealer. We had a bad hail storm a while back and all their inventory was dinged. TV Joe ain't buyin' no dinged up car. So he had this kid run back to get one fresh off the assembly line (in Arlington, TX - holla!). We load up in this truck and start a test drive. I like it, it's nice. We get back to the dealership and the kid says "what we gon' do to getcha in dis Denali today?" His name? Cody Wildman. Best moment of the day. "What we gon' do?" Classic.

After shopping we headed to Fort Worth for a concert at the botanical gardens by the FW Symphony. It was a hot chili pepper of a day, so we loaded up beverages and a nice Central Market picnic.

We went with our great friends Jeff and Candace. Their daughter Kate and Bergen are tight buds. Adorable friends.

Isn't she a living doll? They really do love each other.

We listened to some great Eagles music, watched some amazing fireworks, then headed home. Fun had by all.


Steve Bezner said...

That pic of Bergen sleeping makes me crack up. I swear it's like looking at a midget Joe. Love it.

Megan said...

Look how big the kids are getting! I love that you had a fun night with the Netzers. And I love the cuteness of the that your iPhone that makes them look so adorable?