Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's start at the very begining

Where oh where have I been?
I know you have been lost without me. hahaha - my reader is wondering where I am.

I've been knee deep in the month of May. Does anyone else find the month of May to be almost as busy as December? Seriously. With baseball, birthday parties, Joe traveling (and traveling, and traveling) and end of school stuff, I've just been swamped!

So my dilemma is...catch you up, or start from here. I'm lazy, so I'm leaning on start from here. Here's a quick rundown of May.

Costa Rica

One of our best friends turned 40 and took a group to Costa Rica to celebrate. It was amazing. They rented a pimped out house and we did some really cool excursions - many of which were way out of my comfort zone. We did a little jungle cruise - made some new monkey and croc friends. *shudder*

That croc is looking for chicken. It totally freaked me out. I had no escape plan. And I always have an escape plan. But I was also totally talking myself out of touching the thing. I know, weirdo. The monkey...well...they were cute. All 8 of them that got on our boat. But have you seen OUTBREAK??? I have. Bring me a copy of your shot records and I'll gladly feed you a banana. It was a once in a lifetime boat ride. Really fun.

We also did a little zip line. Back in high school and college I was fearless. But then I think you have kids and fearlessness goes out the window. I was convinced I would die on the zip line. I researched and asked a 1000 questions. I was told "oh Amy, you don't have to do this" and there were people in our group that didn't go, but I knew I would hate myself if I didn't.

So here it is...

It was pretty fun. And scary. And I didn't die. I really didn't ever feel like I was going to die. I did take a benedryl to take the edge off. Poor man's tranquilizer? The rest of the trip we sat around and read. That's more like it! Shout out the the Netzer's for the great trip.

I don't want to blow all my material at once, so I'll save Mother's Day, Preston's BAPTISM!!, his 2nd Grade awards and our trip to Childress for another post. That will give you some time to digest that awesome picture of me zip lining. I know you're gonna frame that one.


Megan said...

Finally! Yes, your readers have been awaiting a post for some time now! I love the Costa Rica zip line pic - you are a total dare devil! I love it! I wonder if I would man up like you did, or just snap the photos on the sidelines...oh, what has age done to me? I love that you guys go away together and have so much fun! I like your teasers, so don't keep us hangin' for the next one!

Honeyed Hashette said...

Finally! I check all the time and NUTHIN and then I go for short non checking sabbatical and you have TWO posts! What the?

Your shot records line cracked me up and I'm glad you did the zip line. I would have been all over that!

P.S. I would have paid money to have been on that boat with your husband and your friends and the monkies. I am sure it was highly entertaining!

K.Law said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging. It seriously just makes me smile to read it and I NEED smiles!! Loved reading about your adventures and so don't short change us and forget to report all the rest of the "catch ups"!