Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A good friend needs some prayers

I know that there aren't many reading this blog. But for those that are, please remember my friend and former boss, Mark Stagliano in your prayers. As you know, Mark and I were both laid off in February from what is now known as the evil place in Ohio. Mark scored another great job as a vendor rep selling to various retailers in New England. Well, this week Mark got news that his position was being eliminated again. So he is faced once again with the huge task of searching for a job. It ain't easy out here...I have a job, but it's not a steady paying job. I'm still looking while I try to make this work. There's not much to offer, especially in consumer goods sales. Retailers are going out of business left and right.

I'm asking for your prayers for the Staglianos. They live in Connecticut. They have 3 beautiful daughters who have autism. That's right, all 3 of them. Wife Kim is an amazing advocate for them and the rest of the autism community. She has her own blog, manages and writes for the Huffington Post. She's a celebrity in the autism community - many look to her for information and support.

So - please pray for Mark, Kim, Mia, Gianna and Bella. If you know of anyone looking for a kick-azz sales guy in the New England area, I'd be happy to send you his resume. Please pray that he'll find something quickly and painlessly.

If you get some time, read Kim's piece on the Huffington Post. She's an awesome writer.


Tracy said...

We will definitely do it.

Janna said...

Consider them prayed for.

Janna said...

On the cookie front, I recommend making the following (which can be found on my blog):
Rugelach- everyone LOVED this and the recipe makes a ton
Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies- the very ones I brought to your casa, so easy and so good.
Rasperry Shortbread- Can we say yum?
Choco Covered Pretzels- SO easy preston could probably make them with a little guidance.
Sugar cookies- I make mine with cream cheese icing in the middle and everyone RAVES about these. They take time, but the recipe makes a lot.
How many coworkers are you talking about?
Oh and I get the little boxes from

Kim Stagliano said...

Thank you thank you thank you. Now may I have some cookies?

Thank you, Amy. I've never sung old Gloria Gaynor anthem "I WILL SURVIVE@!" so loud in my life. Stalingo is working his contacts big time. You think he can dress as Santa and work at the mall? Now THERE's a image, yes? "Who did you vote for little girl?" LOL!

Thanks so much. I'm definitely coming to Big Tex and buying you some fried jelly bean. Unless you'd prefer the fried dinner rolls?


Anonymous said...

Amy - I read your posting and I was really impressed. I didn't know you were a humorus writer. I am glad you are adjusting to the coupon world. Your mom and I did this on a small scale (drug store). Good luck on the coupon bit and your job situation. Tell Preston & Bergen nanny and grand daddy love them.