Monday, May 26, 2008

Preston Rocks

It's been a big couple of weeks for P Diddy. He's finishing up Kindergarten and the bell can't ring for the last time too soon in his eyes. He's ready for summer break big time.

We had the big t-ball tournament. The big, painful t-ball tournament. It was a massacre. Freakishly large kids on the opposing team. I thought our coaches were going to have strokes on the field. But the kids all had smiles on their faces. They couldn't care less, which is awesome about 6 year olds. They were totally there for the free trophy and pizza party. Saturday night we hooted it up with the Cardinals. We had pizza, cake, 5 hours of swimming and the trophies. Our coaches were amazing this season. Big ups to them. And apparently there's been a request for a Cardinal Dad's Calendar. Cute dads...TV Joe included and obviously at the top of that list. Way to go Cardinals - we're all very proud. It's a great team and we've made some awesome friends in the process. We have one more season together in the fall and we're all looking forward to coach pitch.

Preston's other big news for the weekend. He learned to ride his bike without his training wheels. He's growing up, y'all and it's freaking me out. He's so big and adorable. We're really proud of him. And yes, we're getting him a bigger bike. He's had a major growth spurt. You can see the pure joy on his little face.

Yesterday we went to Preston's Kindergarten graduation. It was just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. It's been a good year. We held Preston back because he's a summer baby. He's super smart, but I just really felt it necessary to give him a little head start emotionally and socially. I know we made the right decision, but I was worried this year would be difficult due to boredom. Preston's teacher was amazing - she challenged him with reading and extra work to keep him engaged. We made it this year thanks to Mrs. Guthrey. We're ready for the 1st grade. I hear it's a lot of pressure with homework and reading. It's crazy how kids are pushed these days.

So here's to Preston - my baby boy all grown up. I thank God every day for giving me this amazing kid!


Janna said...

He is getting so big!

Tracy said...

Ohhhh... all those marker moments! My girls are 19 and 22 now and I remember each one of those great childhood moments as if they were yesterday! Reading about Preston brings back tons of memories! I know you'll treasure them always!