Saturday, December 29, 2007

Anyone seen Star Wars?

Hi there world wide web. My name is Amy, and I've decided my thoughts are good enough for you all to read. No one will likely read them, besides my husband, but that's ok. This is mainly a place for me to record the craziness around me in my house. I have a friend from college whose wife is logging the funny things their kids say. Sounds like a good idea to me since writing them on paper is just so darn difficult. Why not log some additional time behind the computer?

A little about me...I'm a 30-something mom of 2 boys. I've been married 12 years to my dear, sweet husband - we'll call him TV Joe. He's the Director of Digital Media (all together now....ooohh, cool title) for a TV station. Hince the name, TV Joe. His real name is Joe, it's just fun to add the TV. I work in my house for an outdoor living decor company - I sell garden flags and such to national retailers. I have a 6 year old son we call P-Ditty and a 16 month old son we call Biggie B. Sounds like I'm running some kind of rap house here. We like witty nicknames. TV Joe, P-Ditty, Biggie B and me...Ed. My husband started calling me Ed in college and it stuck. Works for me.

My house has been taken over by Darth Vadar, Darth Maul, Anakin and the gang from Star Wars. P-Ditty LOVES Star Wars. I mean big, puffy heart loves Star Wars. His love for Star Wars is equal to his love of Legos. So Santa hauled a bunch of, you guessed it, Lego Star Wars to our house this week. He also brought a Light Saber game. It plugs into the TV and you swing the light saber to defeat the bad guys. It's a poor man's Wii. It's kind of cool, though and pretty hard. So when we are not defeating Darth Maul on the poor man's Wii, we're watching any of the given Star Wars movies we own. Or building the Star Wars Legos. My P-Ditty is what you would call "advanced" when it comes to Legos. Age requirements do not matter - he can master up to the 11 year old level. Today, when playing the light saber game, he was doing actual role playing - he really, truly believes he is a Jedi in training. Should the Death Star ever rear its ugly head in our solar system, rest peacefully...P-Ditty can destroy it with his trusty light saber.

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